Franka singing at “Dalibor Petko Show”

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Foto: Sanjin Strukić (PIXSELL)
By: Andrea Guša

Famous Croatian TV presenter Dalibor Petko hosted this year’s Croatian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest Franka Batelić in his show, which is being broadcasted at the Croatian Music Channel (CMC). Franka was challenged: she had to sing some of the most famous Eurovision winning hits ever. We could hear Franka singing live famous lyrics from Fairytale, Euphoria, Molitva, Hard Rock Hallelujah and Rock Me Baby. How did all this sound, check bellow:

Franka will try to win her ticket for the big Eurovision finale in the first semifinal on May 8th, starting at 21:00 CET. Today, European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has finally announced the running order in the semi-finals, from which we learned that Franka’s performance is expected  to be 12th in a row.

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