Franka’s team: We are eagerly waiting for new versions of “Crazy”

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Foto: Krasnodar Peršun
Yesterday afternoon news  broke out about possible plagiarism of Croatian song for Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Crazy. We’ve contacted a member of Franka’s team, because of it, and he provided us with a statement you can read fully below.
 -The song Crazy is the product of the work of Karpo media group, and alongside Branimir Mihaljević, the song was produced by Denis Mevlja (also known as Denzel Beats), while the lyrics and the vocal arrangements were written by Franka herself. The team started working on the song intensively in December, together with Croatian radiotelevision (HRT). The artist who used the Crazy instrumental version as the track for his song signed Denzel Beats (Denis Mevlja) as the author of the instrumental. But unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have any information as to how this version got on Youtube right before Crazy. Both the karaoke and the instrumental versions of the song are available online to download on every music platform, so we are looking forward to hearing some cool, new, ‘crazy’ covers. See you in Portugal! – stated Siniša Bevanda, Franka’s manager, for