How does “Crazy” sound in “a capella” version?

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Andreas Putting (EBU)

“Our people sing without instrumental accompaniment, and it’s a well-known fact this type of singing is characteristic for Croatian people”, Boris Papandopulo once wrote. Inspired by traditional a capella singing and Croatian folkish elements (body percussion), the idea of covering Franka’s song Crazy was born among the young musicians from Husar&Tomčić Singing School thanks to its contagious energy and melody. Franka was more than delighted, and you can see her reaction in a video on her profile on Instagram.

In this interesting project participated: Sven Pocrnić, Jan Kovačić, Karlo Mihelec, Mija Mihanović, Mirna Koprolčec, Andrea Granić Ana Barać.

When will Franka perform?

The amazing Franka will perform as 12th in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, and judging by the reaction on her first rehearsal, many people cheer for her. Until now, Crazy has been released in an acoustic version, and various remixes. We wish Franka all the best!

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