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Special: The Most Romantic Eurovision Songs

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0Exactly one year ago, on Valentine’s 2013, we watched the finale of the German national preselection for Eurovision. This year, we won’t get a new song on this night, but we will look back on some of the most romantic songs from our beloved competition. We are certain that each of the following songs, which we carefully picked, wakes some warm emotions and can probably remind you of a romantic moment. Take 30 minutes of your time and relax with some of the most fluttering and easygoing rhythms from the past 10 years.

♥ James Fox – “Hold On To Our Love” (UK 2004.) ♥

We begin our romantic Eurovision journey with a song that made the entire United Kingdom proud in 2004. The Istanbul arena was a special place where the audience enjoyed in the relaxing, soft music of James’ performance for the entirety of the three minutes. Hands were swaying in the air and a unity of all present was palpable.

Cause now that I’ve found that someone I believe in, and I feel so complete by your side… It’s the only time I’ve ever loved somebody, baby, in my life. We gotta hold on to our love tonight.

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♥ Jakob – “Talking To You” (DENMARK 2005.) ♥

Outsiders have passed through into the Eurovision final on more than one occasion. However, how often does it happen that a country whose odds are next to nothing ends up in 3rd place of a semifinal night? We believe that the natural and ever so spontaneous performance helped the Danish representative Jakob Sveistrup to present his tremulous song with certain reggae tones in a proper way. It paid off.

In this love ballad Jakob is portrayed as a shy guy that tries to express his interest in a certain lady. Europe liked it.

You nailed me to the floor with just one look. I’ll sail any ocean, to show my devotion. I’m talking to you, through my heart. Talking to you girl, just tell me where to start. I’ve never felt like this before, I got to make you mine.

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♥ Anjeza – “The Image Of You” (ALBANIA 2004.) ♥

The Albanian Eurovision beginning was a magical one. Anjeza Shahini, a 17 year-old bravely stepped up on the Istanbul Eurovision stage and flawlessly performed her nice song „The Image of You“. The audience rewards her with a vast applause after the first verse, and similar reactions will repeat themselves a number of times until the end of the performance. Anjeza’s smile, sweetish voice and a supremely unpretentious song which radiates with positive energy from the very start brought the 7th place to Albania as well as the best result for this country until 2012.

How strange the feeling in your soul, when love invades your very being. Another me or so I’m told, and life takes on another meaning. I close my eyes, I breathe, I’m queen of the world of make-believe. You make me feel a little crazy. You make my days and nights so hazy. You make me feel the image of you.

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♥ Chanée&N’Evergreen – “In A Moment Like This” (DENMARK ’10) ♥

I’m lost and I don’t know. Where am I supposed to go? I still miss you so. In a moment like this I wanna know what you’re looking for… When I need for you to hold me, say you love and never leave me – my heart will forever be true.

Only Lena from Germany managed to win more televoting points than the Danish representatives in Eurovision 2010. The Danish romantic duet radiated with a special atmosphere – from the first to the last second of their performance we believed in luck, good and love. A strong chorus and lyrics of the song even made the people in the audience hug each other.

YouTube video

♥ Eldar & Nigar – “Running Scared” (AZERBAIJAN 2011.) ♥

A total of 11 years was necessary that after the Danish song „Fly on the Wings of Love“ a romantic ballad wins in Eurovision again. The duet Eldar & Nigar presented a sweetish love story followed by a fiery waterfall on the huge scene of the Düsseldorf arena.

This is a very sweet song. These things go really well on the radio stations in the UK” – were the words of the BBC speaker in the end of the Eurovision 2011.

YouTube video

♥ Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – “Ég á Líf” (ICELAND 2013.) ♥

For the end we’ve saved a pearl from last year’s Eurovision. The Icelanders finally decided to sing in the Icelandic language in Europe’s greatest song contest and millions of viewers enjoyed an honest performance by the great Eyþór who brought a romantic ballad to the stage of the Malmö arena.

I float over hardships. I’ve got a life because of you. When the wind blows against me, I climb over tall mountains.

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If you’re a great romantic and these six songs simply weren’t enough for you, find something you might like even more down below…


♥ Csézy – “Candlelight” (Hungary 2008.)
♥ Flor-de-Lis – “Todas As Ruas Do Amor” (Portugal 2009.)
♥ Boaz Ma’uda – “The Fire in Your Eyes” (Israel 2008.)
♥ Mickey – “We’ve Got The World Tonight” (Ireland 2003.)
♥ Chiara – “Angel” (Malta 2005.)
♥ Marco – “L’Essenziale” (Italy 2013.)

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