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Today at noon we are announcing the title of the song that Jacques Houdek will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest

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Zagreb, 20 February 2017 – Precisely at noon today we shall release the name of the song that the Croatian representative Jacques Houdek will perform at this year’s 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. Together with his team Jacques is also launching a digital campaign that encourages people to spread positive energy and celebrate diversity.

“I am very excited and happy and I can hardly wait for us to announce the title of the song I will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest as a representative of my homeland and also to launch the campaign that has been motivated by its title and message”, says Jacques Houdek. This year the motto of the biggest music competition is Celebrate Diversity. “The campaign is positive and appealing, and nothing would make be happier than to see the photo, which I will post on social media under a hashtag with the song’s title, inspire people to open up, create and renew friendships”, Jacques Houdek added.

“We invite all the listeners, viewers and readers of the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) as well as all the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest to stay with HRT’s radio and television programmes and website for all new details and information about the Croatian representative’s performance. Today at noon we will announce the title of the song that Jacques Houdek will perform in the Kiev arena before an audience of millions”, said Željko Mesar, Croatian Radiotelevision’s team leader for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). All three evenings of Eurovision will be available live on Croatian Television’s channel one (HRT – HTV 1), Croatian Radio’s second programme (HRT – HR 2), and on cell phones, computers and tablets through the free HRTi multimedia service.


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